Where kids connect with their friends.
  All about KidLinkz

KidLinkz was created to provide a safe online community for kids between 6 and 14 years old. Why them? They are old enough to read, have started using the computer, have friends online, but are not ready for risks associated with having their own pages on the big social sites.

Parent's set up kid accounts, and they can then monitor activity, provide convenient links to their kids' favorite sites, and control lists of friends.

Parent's also can get "red flag" messages to keep abreast of special situations and "to do" requests when kids ask for new friends.

A key part of the online experience is blogging. Kids can keep a journal that discusses their interests and opinions. Friends can comment on each others journal entries. However, journals are only visible between friends and you must be a logged in user of KidLinkz to read or write journals.
Each kid account includes a private chat room. Kids can invite their friends to talk online. KidLinkz logs chat room messages for parental review and applies dirty word filtering to keep things family-friendly.
Kids can send messages (like e-mail) to their other friends on KidLinkz. Since all mail is managed within the KidLinkz system, there is NEVER any spam or other messages from outside KidLinkz.
Kids can look for their friends that have joined KidLinkz. Once they find them, they simply "make a friend" and then can see their blog, send them messages, and invite them to chat. (Kids can't see their friend's links, though.)

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